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Mc Money Style: Darth Vader for Pres?

October 30, 2012

darth vader punk

darth vader punk (Photo credit: txerra_c)

I loved PSY’s crazy K-Pop Gangnam Style video since I first saw it a month or two ago and considered posting about it but didn’t feel I had anything new to say about it. Today it has nearly 600 million views but it you haven’t seen it yet, it’s here.

When this hilarious Mitt Romney Style parody showed up (now nearly 7.2 million views!), I knew I wanted to post it on this blog but I was writing about other topics at the time and it just didn’t fit in. When Grant Marcus sent me this post about Mitt Romney, I figured it was time to publish both.

What makes this parody so powerful to me is the way it works with the original. Gangnam is where the 1% live in Seoul, Korea; Gangnam style refers to the lifestyle of the wealthy who live there. This version manages to parody Mitt Romney and the 1% who he represents through clever images and lyrics including references to his Olympic horse write-off, his distinguished hair, his benefit hopping, his call to wealthy ladies, his youthful running mate Ryan struttin’…and more.

Hope this gives you a laugh and motivates you to vote! Tuesday’s election is only a week away!

Guest Blogger Grant Marcus:

How anyone making $250,000 per year and less can vote for Mitt
Romney (Mc Money) this election makes no sense at all. 

Romney is a candidate who cares only for the super-rich, whose predatory business
ventures are an immorality without any allegiance to the American peo-
ple, and who flip-flops like thongs in a Japanese tsunami on every issue.

While denying health and financial rights to women,  he derides the mid-
dle class, scoffing,, “I love to fire people.” Mc Money is literally and fig-
uratively the Darth Vader of American politics.  And he is as desperate
as Vader to win, stating, “I want to be the next  CEO of the United States.”

Remember the first CEOs we selected to the White House?  For those
with amnesia, romnesia, or votermesia, it was George Bush and Dick
Cheney.  How did that work out for the rest of us?  And if you’re still
fooling yourself, check the record of Bain Capital’s collusion with Cheney’s
Halliburton and the Bush’s Carlyle Group.

And yet although Mc Money represents about 1% (at best) of the
rest of us,he is neck and neck with his rival, a Broken Obama, whose
“change yes we can” campaign collided with a wall of corporate power,
and that change has been lost between the seats of our mutilated oil-
guzzling policies. “Change” ended up small change, a fatality, if change
at all.

But Romney as president?, The man who walks that dark thin line
of the occult, privileged aristocracy, and good ol’ boy supremacy, who
believes science is a hoax?  And yet there’s now a 50-50 chance, of
his winning the election.  He has outsourced Obama’s “change” cal-
ling his own the real “big change” America has been waiting for.  But
does Mc Money’s covert intent signify that America has been dumb-
inc.ed down, and sufficiently primed to go against its better interest?

Are we now ipodded, footballed, and infotained enough to believe we
are ready to return our lives to the American stone age of slavery and
serfdom, of robber barons and corporate kings, of the few extremely
rich and the hordes of extremely destitute, a nation of haves and have
nots dying on the streets of America without doctors, family, shelter,
or social security?

And as people die, or lose their jobs, or their homes, or a loved one
to cancer without health care, Romney swims in his vast sea of money,
while paying far less taxes than the rest of us.

Mc Money, through his ties with Bain Capital, undermined Obama’s bail-
out of the auto industry, making $115 million on GM’s subsidiary, Delfi,
courtesy of we-the-taxpayers.  Then he outsourced that company’s 25,000
union jobs to China.  You see, unlike the robber barons of old, who had to
weedle scabs into the country,  the neo-robber barons like Romney have
advanced technology, so they simply erect factory sets overseas beyond the
radar of most Americans, These international corporate sweatshops evade
taxes, and pay no tariffs on a cheap labor investment.  It’s a Ponzi scheme
crushing genuine American small businesses, while deserting the ameri-
can workforce.  What Romney gets away with, including his double
standard 1040 form, is what 99.9% of America will never get close to doing,
even if we held his Darth-like ethics.  The race between Mc Money
and Obama is neck and neck.  Unbelievable, when you think about it. es-
pecially since Romney is yet to report all the money he has made in ripping
off Delfi at taxpayer expense.

Mc Money IS the man who started outsourcing jobs to foreign countries.
He IS the man who fired American workers and hired foreigners.  He IS the
man, who went into small businesses to destroy them, then burgled their
assets, ingenuity, and wealth, shipping all that is American to foreign
lands.  For those with amnesia, romnesia, or votermesia,  Romney IS the
reason for the bad economy stupid.

We compulsively blame poor working Latinos for stealing American jobs.
Really?  Then Mc Money is the thief in the extreme, paving the way in mov-
ing 75% of good paying manufacturing jobs out of the country.  If  Romney
isn’t Darth Vader, he is America’s version of the economic Taliban…He is
the middle class’ hit man, killing jobs at home, so he can profit from sweat-
shops abroad.  If you don’t believe me, ask the workers in Freeport picket-
ing Romney today, right now, for outsourcing their jobs to China.  Mc Money
is  Kathy Lee Gifford (queen of sweatshops) on crack.

In Mc Money’s case, Darth Vader’s shoes fit.  Just recently, invest-
igative journalists revealed that Romney has given billions of dollars in
seed money, along with his corporate connections to his son Tagg, in
order to take over and monopolize the electronic voting machine industry
across the country.  If Romney becomes president, his son will likely
own the majority of our votes without regulations, or accountability.  Our
vote is the only thing we still have for the possibility of making
a difference.
If Tagg Romney runs our elections, do you trust that the People’s vote
will be counted fairly or in accordance to his extreme bias?.  If you’re
thinking fairly, I’ve got an ACORN story to pitch you.  Romney’s plan is

Vader also comes to mind, with Romney’s hawkish Goldwater-like
stand for a nuclear war against Iran.  This is a country, which, in its
10,000 year old history, has NEVER started a war with any other nation.
Think about that.  Can we say the same?  Yet Mc Money views Iran
as so dangerously evil, nuclear weapons should be used as a first
strike against them, echoing McCain’s sing-song faux pas, “nuke
nuke nuke Iran,” As for Romney’s concern with evil, he should take
a long look in the mirror.

Of course, if you are a white supremicist with a KKK hood in your
closet, the racism of the Mormon Church, with its Romney-leadership
shouldn’t bother you in the slightest.  In fact, you are likely happy he
chose tea partier Paul Ryan as his racial undercard, the same Ryan
tooting in the south, “It’s time to bring back white men to the White
House.”  (And this election isn’t about race–oh brolther!).  As for those
of us with a little culture in our veins, we need to beware.  No. Hyper-

So, what do the regally-rich-color-blind-people-of-privilege do
when they win an election?  Just what Mc Money did when he was
governor of Massachusettes.  Romnesically claiming how he got a-
long with democrats, he managed to break state records in vetoing
over 700 laws that stopped at his desk.  Rather than raising taxes on
the rich, he taxed the blind and disabled.  He raised fees on the licen-
sures of nurses, doctors, engineers and auto mechanics, while cut-
ting programs for the poor.  He created new fees for hospitals and
ambulance services to undermine the passage of Massachusettes
health care act, while deregulating banks and industry..He vetoed a
bill providing women with equal pay for equal work.  These are just a
few of the reasons why he wasn’t given a second term by the People
of Massachusetes..

But for those with amnesia, romnesia,or votermesia, well,we tend
to forget–or sweep under the corporate rug, through the orchestrated
ignorance of the corporate media–the failures of racism and privilege,
administered by the Romney power elite.

A Mc Money presidency is so foreboding that the LA Times chose
not to endorse him.  And it is why the Ventura County Star would not
endorse this republican either–a decision by the Star as rare as the
sightings of a condor.  In fact, even major papers in Utah said no
thanks to Mc Money.

If Mitt Romney is elected. he will run the presidency with the CEO
precision of Cheney and Bush. He will carry out his hawkish wars,
while rewarding the usual war contractors.  Our nation will be bankrupt
and vital programs will be privatized or cut. In short, we will  be thrown
even farther back into the American stoneage rather than advanced
into the American Dream.  And if we don’t like Mitt,  the Son of Mc Money
will be waiting in the wings to steal our votes should we object.

So who am I voting for?  Well, my vote is personal and private,
but I’m certainly not voting for the religulous occult, or the outsourcing
aristocracy, or the neo-white supremacists.  And I’m not voting for Darth
Vader for president.  Not even Darth can outsource my vote! Not yet.

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