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SEPTEMBER 2008–Currently I have four major manuscript projects I am working on. The links right now take you to “Poetry Posts” but soon I will create more individualized links.

  • 3:15 Experiment (mss of over 100 pages titled Love & Terror at 3:15am–Poems from the 3:15 Experiment 1993-2008). For select poems in this project, go here.

I am one of many poets around the world who have been participating in this experiment, started in 1993 by Danika Dinsmore and Bernadette Mayer. In 2005, I co-edited with Danika Dinsmore, a book of 3:15 poetry, between sleeps: the 3:15 Experiment 1993-2005. Some of these poems were perviously published in ArtLife Limited Editions.

  • Shishilop Project. For poems in this project, go here.

From 8/8/08-9/9/09, I intend to travel a loop 54 times from my house, down San Jon Barranca to the ocean, follow the ocean north to the river, then return home. I am recording my observations and thoughts about people and place, and will be integrating into this epic narrative poem other voices and stories about this place, including historical, Chumash, ecological, geological.

  • ArtLife Poems 1996-2004. For select poems in this project, go here.

This project collects three dozen poetry broadsides I produced for ArtLife Limited Editions Magazine.

  • 50 States. For poems in this project, go here.

The 50 states are literal and metaphorical, real and imagined. Originally I intended to write or collect 50 States in 50 days but realized that was too ambitious. I’d like to have 50 States in 50 Weeks; we’ll see! I have two on my site, many drafts, and several have been submitted by other writers.

  • Plus: audio/music cd with new musician Jeff Kaiser

Jeff and I have worked together before, mostly improv performances by him with 3:15 experiment poetry. I’d love to do several: We may do a 3:15 experiment cd, one for the Shiishilop project, and one which records poems from ArtLife, 50 States, and others I’ve written over the years.


SEPTEMBER 2008–All through school, I was one of those kids always scribbling poetry, stories, fiction, creative non-fiction, and journalism. I love story and my poetry and my blog reflect my narrative drive. Even my 3:15 Experiment poetry tends to be driven by a seemingly lucid narrative!

For more about the Art Predator’s Artist Statement and CV, go here. Go here to see some of the Art Predator’s Broadsides. Go here to see Art Predator’s Poetry Videos. Go here to read the Art Predator’s Greatest Hits.

As of early September, scattered amongst nearly 300 posts and pages, I suspect I have close to 75 poems here on this blog. In fact, I am not sure how many there are but I know I have posted at least 1 a week almost every week I have had this blog (and I’ve been doing this 40 weeks. Turns out it’s 60 as of 9/9/08). I really like how Nathan over at French Fries and Exhaust Fumes has his organized, however, his posts are exclusively poetry and mine are more eclectic, hence my choice to list the links to poems in alphabetical order below.

BTW, if it says pub in ARTLIFE, I made a broadside of this poem for ARTLIFE Limited Editions and they are available for purchase from me!

5 Haiku for WordCamp Weekend (post 8/18/08)

50 States: 1 Kelp (post 5/19/08)

50 States: The State of Optimism (post 9/1/08)

Antlers on My Head, Silene in my Teeth (post 2/11/08)

Ballad of Marcel Duchamp and the Gopher–3:15 Experiment 2003 (post 7/28/08)

Ballad of My Belly–3:15 Experiment 2003 (post 7/29/08, pub ARTLIFE 11/03)

Barking– 3:15 Experiment 2007 (post11/19/07)

Bird Ballet (posted 11/26/07)

Celebrate (post 4/29/08, pub ARTLIFE 3/99)

Challenge to Lucid Dream (post 3/15/08)

Circus Dreams/Night Terror Poem–3:15 Experiment 2002 (post 3/3/08)

County Fair–3:15 Experiment 2002 (post 8/11/08)

Desert Dances (post 04/03/08)

doors (post 6/16/08, pub ARTLIFE 5/97/08)

found poem: windy smart freecycle (post 6/14/08)

furniture for-nature–3:15 Experiment 2004 (post6/17/08)

Ganesh– 3:15 Experiment 2007 (post 12/3/07)

granite lover (post 3/24/08; pub ARTLIFE 10/96)

gift of peaceful nights and happy dreams–3:15 Experiment 2005 (post 3/4/08; pub between sleeps 2006)

Hands–3:15 Experiment 2006 (post 1/28/08)

Heavenly Mews (post 6/23/08)

House on the Avenue Speaks (post 2/4/08)

How I Became the Art Predator: 1  (post 11/4/07)

How To Catch a Rattlesnake–3:15 Experiment 2007 (post 8/25/08)

How to Write at 3:15am–3:15 Experiment 2006 (post 8/2/08)

I was thinking about getting a dog (post 9/10/08, pub ARTLIFE 2003)

jasmine & jaguar–3:15 Experiment 2002 (post 8/4/08)

I Want To Be That Man (post 6/8/08, pub ARTLIFE 9/97)

impressions from the shadowside (post 5/5/08, pub ARTLIFE 8/97)

I Would Rather Be an Oak… (post 2/25/08; pub ARTLIFE 2000)

If I Died at 55– 3:15 Experiment (post 1/1/08)

like an anteater–3:15 Experiment 2001 (post 1/7/08; pub VCR 2006)

Lunar Eclipse Poem– 3:15 Experiment  2007 (post 2/19/08)

moms at a stoplight: a haiku kinda thing (post 5/14/08)

mountain twilight breath (post 7/21/08)

navigation/redemption (post 6/30/08, pub ARTLIFE 12/98)

New Pair/Evening at the REDCAT (post 12/4/07)

on the occasion of my mother’s birthday (post 5/12/08)

on the trail (post 7/21/08)

poem for my grandfather (post 6/16/08)

Preschool Share Day Blues (post 4/7/08)

rainy day haiku (post 1/4/08)

redhead at my breast–3:15 Exp (post 5/12/08, pub between sleeps 2006)

Shells– 3:15 Experiment 2002 (post 12/24/07)

so happy not to be working (post 6/27/98)

Sonnet for Septembet 11 (post 9/11/08, pub ARTLIFE 10/01)

Spring Poem (post 3/08)

Spring Sycamore Hokku (post 3/31/08)

Shishilop Project: Surfer’s Point 9/3/08 (post 9/8/08)

Shishilop Project: Third Day of Kindergarten & Chumash Folkways (post 8/21/08)

Taxes–3:15 Exp 2002 (post 4/14/08; ARTLIFE 4/03; between sleeps 2006)

Temptation Train: 315 Experiment 2007 (posted 12/10/07)

These Brothers They (post 5/26/08, pub ARTLIFE 7/99)

Third Day of Kindergarten & Chumash Folkways

Train Poem for James & Jeanne Houston: 3:15 Exp 06 (p. 12/17/07)

Two 3:15 Poems: one for the little dog–3:15 Exp 2002 (post 3/03/08)

unhabituated– 315 Experiment (posted 1/14/08)

waiting–3:15 Experiment 2001 (post 6/29/08, pub ARTLIFE 12/01)

words for the dodo–3:15 Experiment 2006 (post 8/05/08)

writing in a dream (posted 1/3/08)

as of 9/9/08


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