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Romney: Fight Like The Dickens? Disclose!

September 25, 2012

Now, after that bit of entertainment, I offer to you today a guest post by Grant Marcus.
Please note that Mitt Romney is spelled Mit intentionally…to rhyme with nit among other ideas…
By Grant Marcus, 9/23/2012
The other night, I listened to Mit (sic) Romney promise me he’ll “fight
like the dickens” for us, and something awakened in me that I had
not felt toward a Republican for quite some time. It made me reach
for that one cigarette in the gold case that hadn’t been touched in years.
“Oh, what the hell?  Why not?” I thought.
And that thought scared me and lead me to ask something more
important: What does Romney mean when he says he wants to, “fight
like the dickens” for us?And so, you might have guessed it, I went on the net, and googled
in that square box of SEARCH this: “‘fight like the dickens,’ origination
of the term,”–Because, after all, my vote is important (well, it’s all the
power I have) and I hadn’t heard that expression in such a long time–
And I wanted to know–So, this is a condensation of what I discovered:”Dickens” is related to “dickin,” “dickon,” or “deuce,” all terms
meaning “devil.” It was said to derive from the surname, Dick. (Such
as Dick Cheney).The term was used to demean character and imply the devil as far
back as Shakespeare, when he employed it in “The Merry Wives of
Winsor.” He has Mrs.Page ironically express the pejorative and double
entendre for a questionable tempting character she knew. “Dickens”
was that mild reference calling on the devil.Since Shakespeare, “Dickens” has branched out into other neg-
ative euphemisms like, “what the dickens,” or “hurts like the dickens,”
or “beat the dickens” or devil out of her/him/it… Whatever its use evil
or hell are more broadly implied. All sites are in agreement: that
“dickens” is an interchangeable word for “devil.”

So when Romney claims he’ll “fight like the dickens” for us, do
all/any of us want someone to call on the devil to wage our battles?

When I think of someone using the devil to achieve a useful purpose,
the first thing that comes to mind is the story of Faust, who sold his
soul to the devil in exchange for riches, gratification, power and control.

Hmmm. I mean what could be a better vehicle to achieve that end
than to become President, or as Romney puts it, “the next
CEO” of the United States. (Bush, CEO for Carlyle, and Cheney,
CEO Halliburton, whichever you think had governed the country, was
the first).

When someone insists they are calling on the devil, or fighting like
the devil, it also brings out the skeptic in me. I think of trickery or
treachery. For if someone implies the devil is harmless, and they
are doing work just like him, that usually means they are disguising
themselves as something positive or good, when in truth, they are
not out for my welfare or anyone else’s. Good, in this case, usually
means bad–And it usually insures a more hellish outcome.  But
how clever to use that light and harmless term “dickens” to describe
something far more sinister, or the devil within.

In the Bible, the devil disguised himself as a harmless serpent
overly concerned for Eve’s welfare, and offering her that proverbial
apple.  Could Mc Money–I mean Mit Romney be tempting us
with looks, jobs and cash, but really offering us something sordid
that will cost us a much higher price in the long run?

If not, why would Mit Romney purposely use a disguised term
for something far more controversial ? What he really suggests is,
I am the devil, or very much like him, and I’ll fight just like him for
you.  You’ll have his and my kind of job, because he and I know how
to put you to work. BUT, will that job sincerely benefit us?  Will it
benefit mankind, or the environment or our children’s future?

If Mc Money is as tricky as the devil, the dickens just might mean
I’ll be left with a job at slave wages, without worker safety, without any
needed health care, and without benefits for myself and my family.
And my wife, well, she’ll just have to work for 70% or so of what I

Maybe the only job I’ll be able to find is killing people in our endless
wars overseas, or in jobs here that pollute the environment and under-
mine future generations without accountability or regulations.
Meanwhile. I’ll have to settle for a low salary that offers no advancement,
which will leave me and my family financially strapped, making
it impossible to look for something better elsewhere. Less money will
mean less choice. I’m sure Baines Capitol can benefit from this.  Isn’t
that why they’ve moved jobs to China? They seem to get the choice,
and all that “free trade,” but I don’t.

Or maybe, like the new-found powers of Faustian magic, Romney
will poof , and outsource my job, like so many others, to remote places
in barrios or sweatshops overseas. Hasn’t this been his MO? There is
likely nothing more equally satisfying for a devil’s plan than to abuse
people and cheap labor abroad while cheapening labor and jobs at
home, increasing both our fears and desperation. What could be more
devilish than making everyone suffer? Sometimes that’s all I think the
devil is:  Contrived selfish acts for the purpose of human suffering.
There sure is some dickens in that.

And when Mc Money has tricked our vote, maybe he’ll drop the fa-
cade and say, matter-of-factly, with that devil’s wink and laughter, “See,
I told you I’d provide jobs, I just didn’t say WHERE, or for WHOM! Or

And when, like Faust, it’s time to pay up for my vote (or sacrifice)
maybe I’ll have to surrender all the social security I invested in for old
age as well–so it can be privatized to one of Romney’s corporations.
Think of the bitter irony–or dickens–in that, that I’ve ended up working
for Bain Capitol all of these years, and like everyone else, getting
very little for my efforts, as filthy rich Romneys get richer and richer…

Make no mistake, Romney is a handsome man. Women are very
attracted to him.  For that matter, some men as well. Everyone is at
least lured by his lavish success, that is, if all that is necessary for suc-
cess is big money and a ponzi scheme. One could argue he is the epitome
of that type of excess success.  It’s as if every breath he takes or word
he speaks is a fleck of gold bullion balanced on  a king’s silver spoon.
And so, I imagine this dickens of a politician might respond to my
jabbering misgivings by arguing, “Hey, it’s just a saying, a play on
words, my friend, a joke you’ve taken verbatim and way too seriously.”
Okay, all well and good Mit. But my skepticism tells me, that’s
exactly what the devil might encourage me to think so as to maneuver
his way out of a spurious situation and achieve his ultimate goal, to
convince me and others to go against their better moral judgment
and benefit.

So do I want someone as President who acts “like the dickens”
on my behalf?  Even a Mormon devil sounds scary to me. After all,
it was the Book of Mormon, with Romney at the helm, that decided
minorities could, “..get into heaven so long as they were attached to
white people as slaves.” (I’m not making this up). So tell me, how
many among us are pure white? And what is pure white? And will
we all be Romish slaves based on our skin color, however light or
dark if Mc Money becomes president?

Which leads me to search my soul and ask, will I be willing to
to sacrifice values as old as the Civil Rights Movement and make
some Faustian bargain by voting for this MitWit? Will I be willing
to “fight like the dickens” for him, and do his devil’s work so I can
have a “job?” Would I be willing to put myself in that vulnerable
position of having to pay so much more for that Faustian bargain
later, when it’s too late? This could be the kind of debt that is
way over the top, “my friend,” and for all of us.

When someone insists he’ll fight for us like Beelzebub, maybe
the rest of America should start asking the same question I did,
“What the dickens?”  And while America is at it, they might also
ask another question, where did Faust end up? I mean, how low will
Faust–or the rest of us go–with greed, selfishness, or corporate
personhood? To the abyss of Kayman, Dubais, Babylon, Romney-
dom?  I’m Just wondering.

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