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Burning Man 2010 Photos + Sept Astrology, Ganesh’s birthday & more to ponder

September 9, 2010

It is not easy for Burners to return to the Default World. Everything that’s been to the Black Rock Desert has a healthy patina of dust. Everything has been transformed. It is a new year. It is hard to “clean up.” Not everything can get vacuumed up or wiped clean with vinegar or club soda.

On Wednesday Sept. 8, we had a New Moon in Virgo. This also means that the most popular Hindu deity, Ganesha, has a birthday on the fourth day of the new moon, which this year is Saturday Sept. 11. Next year, it will be during Burning Man again on Thursday.

What does it mean to have a new moon in Virgo? What else is up astrologically?

LOTS!! Lots of ENERGY! Especially for Burners transitioning into life back into the default world!

According to, new moons in general are about “the cosmic balance of the male and female energies, the Yin and the Yang — both in our individual selves and in the universe.” Because duty drives industrial, methodical, and efficient Virgo, “This New Moon is about balance — the balance between what we want to do and what we need to do — service to others versus service to self — spirituality versus practicality.”

“This is also a Super New Moon, which occurs when the Moon is at its closet approach to the Earth. Super Moons generate greater gravitational and electromagnetic pulls on the Earth’s oceans and tectonic plates as well as on our psyches. After all, the human body is about 60% water in adult males and 55% in adult females!”

In general, this New Moon in Virgo is full of energy: “Not only do we have the Sun and Moon holding hands in Virgo, we also have Mars and Venus in close conjunction with each other in Libra. Mercury, ruler of Virgo is retrograde. Later, in the day, Venus moves out of Venus into seductive and passionate Scorpio.”

“The energies of the cosmos want us to analyze elements of our present behavior that may be out of balance and set them right. This New Moon helps us recognize truths about ourselves and wants us to focus on our particular path this lifetime.”

This is a perfect forecast for all those Burners coming back from the Playa seeking to balance the truths they’ve learned about who they really are with who they have become by habit because in  general, September astrologically gets us back on track to be who we really are.

Venus stays in intensely sexy, seductive Scorpio through November 7, which is also great fun for Burners heading to Decompression Parties but warns, “Beware — feelings may run deep, and strong passions may flare up during this period.”

Jupiter moves back into Pisces on September 9, and stays there until January 23 2011. For Burners who had a spiritual awakening, or found the Temple stirring deep feelings, Jupiter here brings “a spiritual note into our lives, since this transit has a charitable heart, deep compassion and a sense of the importance of inner peace.” Why? Because

“Pisces is the sign of compassion, spirituality and creativity. Pisces is imaginative and peace-loving and governs mysticism, spirituality, intuition, our dreams, and psychic abilities. Jupiter is the planet of expansion — it brings good luck, joy, opportunities, and personal growth. However, it is also retrograde until November 18.

In Pisces, Jupiter is considered to be super compassionate and seeks to get us in touch with our inner self and our souls. The transit should bring us greater inner contentment, and moments of bliss which are not dependent on others. There will be pleasure in giving and in looking within to explore ways to improve our quality of life.

However, (BURNERS!) be careful that your feet are planted firmly on the ground since Jupiter can bring about excessiveness, over optimism and overindulgence, while Pisces can thrown us into the realm of escape and extreme confusion.”

So yes, jump for joy Margaret Tetris and friends! But be careful as you land!

When Mercury turns direct on Sunday September 12, “it is time to pick up our forward movements. On the same day a super-persuasive Venus sextile Pluto will bring warmth to encounters and a touch of passion, though be aware of a few hidden agendas. Venus-Pluto does have a manipulative side which needs to be handled with care.”

(Mercury went retrograde August 20–about the time most people were packing and while people were traveling and from to Burning. No wonder friends like Margaret Tetris ran out of gas on 1nterstate 80 and another friend had a series of vehicle problems coming home! tells us that “Mercury rules the part of our mind that perceives and interprets information that our brain receives, and it also regulates how we relay this back to the world. As a result, all areas of life such as speaking, listening, negotiating, reaching agreements, signing contracts, buying and selling, travel are all affected when Mercury turns sluggish. Mercury retrograde periods give us an excellent opportunity for review and reflection. It is a time for introspection and a time to draw up carefully considered plans and dreams — but not a good period to start something new.”

On September 14, Mars moves from co-operative Libra to Scorpio until October 27, and with this change,  “a mood of formidable determination and as well as a little vengefulness. Mars in Scorpio can never find it in its heart to forgive, forget and move on. It wrestles in a rather anguished way with hurts, slights and double dealings. Not that it is entirely straightforward all the time either, since it carries all of Scorpio’s need for secrecy to extreme lengths. It does however, have its purpose, in standing rock steady in crisis, being courageous and resourceful, and provides a backbone for any difficulties ahead.”

Also on September 14, Pluto goes direct in Capricorn to “provide assistance in solving practical and financial problems. A period of good luck, full of adventurous spirit, with a break from tension and stress is promised as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus on September 19. Both Jupiter and Uranus oppose the Sun on September 21, and there might be an unexpected turns of events, which may prove to be just what we all needed. It will be impulsive, and a time when new opportunities should be grasped instantly, without pausing to take time for caution.”

Sunday September 19 looks interesting: “Jupiter in Pisces is conjunct with Uranus also in Pisces. Both of these are sky energies since in ancient mythology Uranus was the God of the Sky, and Jupiter was equated with all powerful Zeus, who ruled from the top of the highest mountain.

Jupiter is a positive thinker and attracts good fortune. Uranus is a sparkling firecracker of light bringing sudden insights, new solutions to old problems and it especially dislikes restrictions. Uranus wants freedom over anything else.

The two together usually attract a lucky break or a pleasant surprise. Something comes out of left field to make life easier and more fun. It could be a chance to travel soon or a chance encounter that opens a new door for you. One way or another you’ll think ‘thank heavens for that’ with a feeling of great relief and go on your way with a lighter step and a twinkle in your eye.

However, you’ll certainly not want to put up with compromises or situations which are unfair. Uranus can rattle the bars of your cage and give you the courage to say ‘enough is enough’. You may also find that a pet project that had been gathering dust on the shelves suddenly comes back to life. There is always a fountain of new possibilities around when Jupiter lends its expansive tendencies to the lightning bolt of Uranus. It will kick start you into forward gear for sure.

Later in the day — on September 19, we have another cosmic energy of a completely different variety. Mars in Scorpio is sextile Pluto, which pulls together intense determination, depth of conviction and real guts. This aspect has the ability to give you a very clear understanding of a dilemma you may be facing in life right now — at a very core level. You will not aim for the quick fixes or glib short cuts. You’ll really know what needs to done and have the will power and persistence to ensure that you put your truth into practice. You may not say too much but you will be walking your talk for sure!”

On the Fall Equinox September 22, the Sun leaves Virgo into well-balanced Libra; the moon is full Thursday September 23.

According to, “Even on the final day of this month, there will be no let up from the cosmos pressure as the Sun is poised to align with Saturn on October 1. Stand firm! The going might get difficult — but persistence will pay off. Stand firm.”

Thanks to Margaret Tetris for sharing her photos with me and my readers! Margaret, Larry Harvey and I all share the same birthday–and that’s how Margaret and I became friends! Margaret, I look forward to meeting you next year on the playa and maybe even seeing our two boys play together! (Note: all photos from the collection of Margaret Tetris except the one of Ganesh. Please do not borrow text, photos or concept without asking.)

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