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Live Blogging Tony Robbins Keynote 140/Twitter LA: celebrate for no reason

September 23, 2009


We’re all waiting for Tony Robbins to begin his keynote to kick-off today’s session at the Twitter Conference, and while we’re waiting, they’re taking suggestions which include having name tags during sessions for who’s speaking. That’s especially useful for those of us, like me, watching on UStream.

That’s right, I’m not stuck in traffic racing to get to the Skirball Center on the constantly congested 405 freeway.

I’m home, dressed this day, drinking my tea, waiting in the comfort of my own home for Tony Robbins to inspire me.

Yay–he’s being introduced right now! And there’s a standing ovation! Not even Biz Stone got a standing ovation–and Biz is Mr. Twitter.

Who is Tony Robbins? He’s got over 1 million followers! And, he’s one of the TOP PAID speakers in the world–a guy who appreciates Twitter so much he’s gifting his talk today!

Tony Robbins: I came here for one central reason–twitter is a community.

But, he says, “Imagine my frustration with 140 characters.” He says, he wants to go deep and understand: How is it that we have so much and so many are so unhappy?

Why are we here at this conferene,  he wants to know. Business? Social media? Change your life?

Who tweets for Tony Robbins? “It’s me.”

“I try to bring something to inspire people. Here’s the rule for twitter: add more value! That’s the rule for life!

If you can figure out how to add the value, that’s the only rule. You can see someone’s profile and their tweets and know what they’re about and know how to serve them.

“Get addicted to giving and you’ll succeed at whatever you do.” Sounds like he’s been to Burning Man! Make it sincere and raw and real, he urges.

“Real relationships come from GIVING, not taking. Give what people need & you’ll succeed.”

Your emotions are the quality of life. Change your emotions, change your life.

“The fear is always bigger than what the real situation is”

“I use twitter as an intelligent browser.”

How to change your story? How do you stop living in fear? Make a new story.

“Sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing that can happen in your life.”  You need to get what you need, not what you want.

Back to twitter, back in the beginning he asked: “Why would I want to read what someone else is doing?” But he wants to reach people, connect with people. So here was this tool, social media, and he learned from others how to use it. Then someone he was working with, who was trying to get him to use twitter, tweeted that he was sitting with Tony Robbins and instantly, he saw the response. So he asked a questions, and received thousands of answers. He could see the power of getting a message out in 140 characters.

Twitter is triggers, that’s what you can do in 140 characters.

Rule #1: He doesn’t follow everybody. He wants to get to the people who add the most value.

Rule #2: Even when people say don’t use quotes, he does–he quotes whoever says something which adds value, he adds links to videos or content that makes people laugh.

Tony Robbins quotes a study that says women are less happy now than they were 40 years ago and men are more happy. Why? He’s been with so many people in so many countries. So he linked to the study and said please read this and share your thoughts. So he could listen. He could learn. He read for three hours, and DM’d back.

OK now he has everyone in the room giving each other massages!

“Use your body to create a different state. How do you get that to happen?”

If you just listen, you retain 10%. Take notes, you retain 40-50%. If you use your body, you retain almost all of it. I’ve been telling my students this for years!

How many individuals emotions do you think you go though in one week? People cycle: excited, hopeful, then frustrated and worried. Stuck in the same pattern. So change your emotional state. HOW? It’s biochemical.

Forces that influence us: expectations.

On Twitter, look at what people write, at what they share and you can see someone’s blueprint. Take a look at your own profile, your own message.

What influences people? State and blueprint. State is your emotional state. It’s more easily changed. Blueprint is the plan under which you operate, it’s what makes you move in one direction or another.

He reminds people to shake it out. Everyone is standing up, shaking their arms, now bringing their hands together. According to Robbins, research says everyone clasps with the same thumb on top. Hard to switch. Which thumb on top? Right thumb means you’re driven by intelligence which leads to money while left thumb means sex which leads to… Sex or money?

Communication comes more from states than words.

“Stress is the achiever word for I’m scared.”

By the way, nearly 1,000 people are watching this on Ustream.

How do you get conscious? Get aware of your emotional state? Be aware of the relationship between your motion and your emotion?

Emotion is created by motion.

How do you use and move your body when you’re in different emotional states? When we’re happy, engaged, we use more of our body. Want more of an emotional state? Create it in the body.

He has had the group go through a series of exercises to prove his point, meeting different conference attendees in different emotional states and comparing them.

He reminds us that we live in a world and a time full of gifts, but we don’t live that why–happy and grateful.

Our expectations for happiness and what life should give us is so high, too high, that we’re constantly disappointed.

But when we live expecting to give, how can we be disappointed? (well, Tony, if they don’t like the gift it can be a disappointment…)

When you love what you’re doing, you lose track of the time, you need nothing else, and it’s no longer about the self/you.

If you don’t use it, you lose it.

“Happy people don’t write emails or tweets to try and tear other people down.”

“If you want more love, do love. If you want fear, do fear. Your body does it all”

“Do what you did at the beginning of the relationship so there won’t be an ‘end of the relationship”

So, he urges us, get in a great state, a celebratory state, and everything we do we will do better. Give yourself a gift. Celebrate for no reason. But mean it. Cut loose, go crazy. Celebrate with your body, your focus.

He’s back to the message he started with: Keep adding value. If you do, then the money will follow. How do you grow a business? Keep it simple, get results.

Three ways:
1) increase the number of clients
2) increase the average transaction value
3) increase the frequency of transactions

The only way you can increase this is by adding value, making what you have to offer more valuable.

“The only way to build a brand long term is to add value, create the best possible user experience, and be generous,” he says.

How do you add value? Figure out what your clients needs are. “Whatever people do, they have a reason.” They’re trying to meet a need.

Six needs all humans have but which one is most important depends on their blueprint. How they meet these needs can be healthy or unhealthy.
1. certainty
2. uncertainty/variety
3. significance
If you can meet these three needs, people will be addicted to it.
4. connection
5. grow
6. contribute beyond yourself

Here’s a task: what is something you love to do that other people think is work? Walk through his list and see how that activity meets your needs. Now try it with something you hate doing. It works, huh. Now try it with twitter. No wonder it is so successful.

Twitter: the crack of the tech world

If you want to innovate:
1) get around new voices
2) ask new questions to get new answers
3) new perspectives to see new
4) new passions

OK, I’m a believer. I get it. Amazing. And now Tony Robbins is getting on a plane and going to Rome where he’s leading a seminar. Wonder if I can make that plane…

Well, Tony Robbins went way over time. Way way over. He was supposed to be over at 10am and it’s now 11:20am. So they’re going to combine some sessions. And other stuff. Which only really matters if you’re there.

And I’m not and have other things to do so off I go! Hope you got a lot out of this–I sure did.

UPDATE: I tried one of the exercises he did but that I didn’t write about with my community college students and I wrote a blog post about it here.

According to the 140/Twitter Conference website:

Tony Robbins. For the past three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an advisor to leaders around the world. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. His nonprofit Anthony Robbins Foundation provides assistance to inner-city youth, senior citizens, and the homeless, and feeds more than two million people in 56 countries every year through its international holiday “Basket Brigade.” Robbins has directly impacted the lives of more than 50 million people from over 100 countries with his best-selling books, multimedia and health products, public speaking engagements, and live events.

What began as a young person’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their lives has grown into Robbins’ lifelong crusade as he is called on by leaders from every walk of life—presidents, political leaders, advocates for humanity, CEOs of multinational corporations, psychologists, peak performance athletes, world-class entertainers, teachers, and parents. Since fathering the life coaching industry, Robbins has produced the #1-selling audio coaching system of all time. He also is a corporate Vice Chairman, and Chairman overseeing five private companies. Robbins has been honored by Accenture as one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World”; by Harvard Business Press as one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus”; by American Express as one of the “Top Six Business Leaders in the World” to coach its entrepreneurial clients; by Forbes as a Top 100 Celebrity; by Justice Byron White as one of the world’s “Outstanding Humanitarians”; and by the International Chamber of Commerce as one of the top 10 “Outstanding People of World.”

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  1. September 24, 2009 3:58 pm

    Well put Gwen. Tony definitely makes you feel like you have something going. I’ve been listening “undercover” to him and other’s like him for years now. I’ve definitely walked away with certain points that I use on an everyday basis. Thanks Ustream for keeping us out of traffic yet fully entertained.

  2. January 3, 2010 1:37 am

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  3. July 21, 2010 7:01 pm

    I had now been twice to Anthony Robbins “Free the inner strength” (UPW) in London and if I can say it’s a great experience – you simply come back with much more energy! You get to know really great people there and experience a very special weekend. So, I can only recommend to try it out yourself! Quite a lot of information provided at 
    Luck for all!


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