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Solar Eclipse & 3:15 Experiment strike 8/1! Lunar eclipse 8/16!

July 31, 2008

The moon becomes new Friday August 1 at 3:13am (Pacific Time). I will mark the new moon by setting my alarm for that moment in anticipation of the first night of the 3:15 Experiment, where I, and others around the world will write in that hypnopompic/hypnogogic state “between sleeps.”

On that day also, a solar eclipse will travel east with the dawn and cross eastern Canada, Greenland, Siberia and Asia. (Here in the US we won’t experience a total solar eclipse in the US for four more years although parts of Maine will experience a partial eclipse at dawn).

the path of Friday August 1's Total Eclipse of the Sun

the path of Friday August 1's Total Eclipse of the Sun

An eclipse occurs when the moon gets in the way of the sun, much like you can hold an orange up in front of you to block the sun. Just as you can hold the orange in such a way to only block part of the sun from your perspective, how much of the sun is blocked by the moon depends on where you are at the time. (This is an Art Predator explanation–no one to credit and I’m the one to blame if it doesn’t make sense to you.) The lunar eclipse two weeks later on Sat. Aug. 16 is centered in Madagascar; it will be over by the time the moon rises in the US. For more about the August 16 lunar eclipse and astrology, scroll down.

For tons of maps and graphs about where the eclipse will be etc as well as links for live coverage, check out Nasa’s eclipse site:

Eclipses are times of great change; change can be scary, threatening or an opportunity for growth and empowerment. Just before moving from the Paradise of Santa Cruz to the Limbo of Reno, during a break in a summer school spanish class. A few years later, I was in the path of a total eclipse out in the Basin and Range near a Native American rock art site when I was struggling with immense grief and loss. A solar eclipse occurred in Anarctica in February; two weeks later, the lunar eclipse, and the rituals we did were powerful and empowering.

For some eclipse astrology, I explored a number of sites and fell in love with this one.

Unfortunately, it is only general info on the astrological impact of eclipses, and not specific to this one as she hasn’t updated her site in the previous year.

In general, according to evolvingdoor,

Solar Eclipse in Leo!

Eclipses bring powerful transformation and growth, often disguised as an obstacle or crisis. This eclipse is all about seeing yourself in a different light, which could show a side of you that you didn’t know was there.

Astromarc offers lots of specific details at :

This wordpress blog, Celestial Space, was my favorite–very imaginative, metaphorical, colorful and painterly. Be sure to check out her post “New Moon/Solar Eclipse” where she urges

United we Stand”
Sun and Moon will be hand in hand in the astrological sign of Leo – having a unified focus. Some themes and potentials of Leo are: individual style, expression, heart/romance/love, play, innocence, dignity, passion, royalty, drama, creative flair, generosity, laughter, inner child, children, heart chakra, compassion and leadership. Some off balance qualities of Leo: arrogance, narcissism, dominating, overly self-centered, childish, willful, pride, glamour gone awry, melodrama

The Conscious and Sub Conscious are looking to work together, bringing you in tune with what you would “love” to say, do, act or express. Listen to the wisdom of the heart. What would you feel passionate doing? It is a major opportunity for changes or shifts in Consciousness. Generally speaking, Solar Eclipse energies unfold over the next six to twelve months. Solar Eclipses tend to repeat degrees every 19 years. From August 1, 2008 (9 deg. Leo) look back 19 years and see what major transition, event or transformation that unfolded for you. You may get a peek into upcoming themes or events. New Moon/Solar Eclipse is like a super energized, wild card energy – especially that its in a fire element (Leo). There may be spontaneous surprises in store or you may be the one giving them. says:

If your Sun sign or Ascendant is Leo, almost every part of your life will be affected. If you are an Aquarian or have Aquarius rising, you will also feel this eclipse more strongly than most because Aquarius is opposite of Leo and is in direct alignment with this eclipse. Overall, you will find yourself reinventing your life, even changing your appearance to reflect the shifts in your life. Ultimately, changes in how you see yourself will ripple out and affect personal and business relationships.

If Leo is in your First or Seventh House, you will focus on yourself, your marriage or your relationship. If it is situated in the Second or Eight House, your earnings or joint finances will be impacted. If it is the Third or Ninth House, travel or educational pursuits are highlighted. In the Fourth or Tenth House, home and career will come front and center. Eclipses in the Fifth or Eleventh House put the spotlight on self-expression, children, groups and organizations. Finally, eclipses in the Sixth or Twelfth House put the focus on health, work and service. Wisdom holds that the effects of a solar eclipse last as long in years as the eclipse lasts in hours. Events that are triggered by an eclipse usually take six months to unfold, so you can expect this process of change to continue. The opportunity to break old patterns will present themselves as you make changes.

Hmmn, Leo’s in my 5th House so the eclipse spotlights self expression, children, groups, and organizations; Leo’s also my north node (not sure what that means yet). I am certainly in the process of moving from teaching writing to doing writing–changing organizations and forms of self expression!


FROM A partial eclipse of the Moon will take place on August 16. The entire eclipse will be visible in most of Europe and Africa, and partially visible in South America and Australia. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon, casting its shadow on the Moon. Eclipses always come in pairs, and this eclipse follows the dramatic solar eclipse of August 1.

Eclipses are like big exclamation points and since this eclipse is in Aquarius, a sign that is focused on the workings of the larger group or community, expect confusing leadership situations, power struggles and sharp words. In addition to the heightened emotions of this full Moon, an active pattern of planetary aspects also adds drama to this eclipse. The placement of Aquarius in your personal chart will define how it impacts your life over the next five months.

If Aquarius is in your First or Seventh House, the eclipse will signal a period of personal development and growth. And if Aquarius is in your Seventh House, the focus will be on growth and development in your relationships.

An eclipse in the Second House will always make you more aware of your attachments: the things that you believe that you cannot survive without. But an eclipse in the Eighth House highlights your responsibilities to others: both physically and emotionally.

When occurring in the Third House, you will be forced to confront fears and your communication style. And in the Ninth House, you will be forced to consider the bigger picture of your life. How do you want to grow and expand?

In the Fifth or Eleventh House, the focus on the next five months will be on issues of individual expression and group participation. In the Fifth House, the eclipse will stir up the creative urge, or represent changes in relationships with children or with casual romances. Eclipses in the Eleventh House can often indicate changes in relationships with our peers and friends. Interesting–that’s me! Looking for work!

If Aquarius occupies your Sixth or Twelfth House, the focus over the next five months will be on your health — both physical and spiritual. Eclipses in the Sixth House often make you aware of your physical needs and illness, while in the Twelfth House, they highlight religious or spiritual needs.

To mark the first day of the 2008 3:15 Experiment and the great changes presented by the upcoming  solar and lunar eclipses, here’s the 3:15 experiment poem I wrote on August 1 when I was pregnant with my son. I’m working on a iMovie of this poem, so please check back again!

315 time for transformation ARTLIFE broadside

315 time for transformation ARTLIFE broadside

it’s 315 time again
i go to lie on my side to write
but the baby is there
i can’t lie on the baby
it’s like lying on a watermelon
large and hard

the baby sleeps right now
no movement–i’m awkward
trying to find a way
to comfortably write i’m strained
as constrained as the baby at 29 weeks
we are alike today in that way
both trying to get comfortable
to get some sleep
the baby can see light
a red glow seeps through my belly
can hear sound but probably not
the crickets outside or
daddy making his going to sleep sigh
hmm mmm mmmm he says

the notebook too is pregnant
uncomfortable it doesn’t
want to open to bend back
to receive anymore
it too is slightly bent
out of shape its spirals
damaged well traveled but
empty of much writing

as i slide down scoot down
slip down off my pillows
losing my great grip on my place
the angle of the pen
the lightness of the ink
indicates betrays its discomfort
the pen is pregnant too
pregnant with poems with desire
to be a useful tool
yet more than a tool of transmission
a tool of transformation
i too am that tool
one of transmission of transformation
the baby in my belly
the pen in my hand

2 Comments leave one →
  1. liz collins permalink
    August 1, 2008 8:09 pm

    nice one gwendolyn

  2. liz collins permalink
    August 1, 2008 8:14 pm

    very nice. thanks for hsaring this one. viva la revolucion!

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