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art predator resu–may getta job

June 27, 2008

After many years teaching (everything from yoga to lit to writing to mountaineering but mostly college English –which is not writing usually), the Art Predator is looking around for new opportunities to live, learn, and pay the mortgage. Need a writer, a blogger, a creative, a hard worker, a passionate person…let the Art Predator know! I dream of a new path to the waterfall and my shoes gleam by the door. For more details about the Art Predator’s background, education, and experience, please see the CV below.

Ventucky CA (SO SB NO LA)


Master of Arts in Enflish,
University of North American Casinos

Theory and Practice of Teaching Wiring, Digging the Donner Party w/Don Hardesty, Death Valley Desert Dioramas, Native American Lit & seduction, Truckee River robbery. Second language: biology. Thesis: Desert Dances (advisors Tchudi and Glotfelty).

Graduate Certificate, Educration,
Uncle Charley’s Summer Camp

Feminist/Multicultural Pedagogies, Literacy Development, Critical Theory/Pedagogy, Science Studies with Primate Visions Donna Haraway.

Bachelor of Arts, Literature/Creative Writhing,
Uncle Charley’s Summer Camp

Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Studies,
Uncle Charley’s Summer Camp

Double Major Senior Thesis: Switchbacks a novel about a 28000 mile Mexico to Canada backpacking trip

Diploma, Puny Buny High School, Ventucky CA
Print and broadcast journalism, leadership, tutoring, rabble rousing, cookie baking at keg parties


Back Alley Productions:
ART PREDATOR BLOGging, literary and visual arts, editing, tutoring, yoga instruction, bike riding, stone sculpture sanding, food growing, outdoor living, 315 experimenting, body painting

Ventucky County Community College District,
Faculty in Academic English Obfuscation and Education Change Agentism, Full and Part-time, Teacher/Reading Development Partnership Grant Facilitator, Literacy Specialist

Californification State University, Valley of the Dolls,
Adjunct Faculty, Edufuscation

University of Northern American Casinos,
Graduate Student Instructor, Engfish

Community College of Northern American Casinos,
Adjunct Faculty, Engflish

Uncle Charley’s Summer Camp
Graduate Instructor: Writhing Program, College Score
Teaching Assistant: Lickature, Environmental Adventures
KMart College: Town Hall Manager, Assistant to the Provost, dessert taster and distributor

Select other employment and experience
finding spotted owls and stopping logging activities in Clearcut National Forest, Peregrine Fund hack site feeder of baby quail to peregrines and sitter, Renaissance Faire hay bale stage road poet sales and dancer, City of Ventucky moolah finder and hooplah maker, substitute ringmaster, Collegiate Peaks mountaineer, Peet’s caffiend sales and education, Ridge Winery tasting room edumonte, “ Art Predator” rag columnist, Ventucky College Press editor

backpacks: PCT Mexico to Canada,
technical climbs: Pingora, Wolfshead, Castleton, Irene’s Arete, The Grand Teton;
non-technical climbs: Mt Whitney, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia;

AWARDS AND GRANTS, select and recent

$50-$350 in numerous matching grants from Poets and Writers, Inc

2007 $2500 Staff Innovation Grant, Ventucky College Foundation

2007 $1500 Two Civic Engagement Grants of $750 each, Californification U

2005 $5000 Artist’s Fellowship, Established Literary Artist, City of Ventucky Cultural Affairs

2004 $1200 Staff Innovation Award, Ventucky College Foundation

2003 $400 Tech Mentorship with Dr. John, Un-Moored College

2002 Faculty Initiative Award, Un-Moored College

2001 $500 Faculty Development Travel Award to Taos Poetry Circus, Un-Moored College

2000 Finalist, Open Slam Competition, Taos Poetry Circus, Taos NM “That Man” “These Brothers They

before the millienium:

3 Staff Innovation Awards, Ventucky College Foundation

2 Earth Day Grants with Midtown Community Council, Californification Parks Foundation

2 City of Ventucky Artists Fellowships

1 Climbing gym membership, Jackson Hole Wyoming, for “granite lover” poem

2 Tuition fellowships to Squalid Valley Community of Writers, 1 from Lannon Foundation

1 $1000 Research Grant, Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, BYU
“Landscaping with Language”

1 Graduate Student Travel Fellowship, Modern Languid Association meeting, SF


10/01-12/06 Host, Curator, Grant Writer, Spoken Word Salon, Zoey’s Café, Ventucky, features * funded by Poets & Writers:
➢ 2006 Slam 101 finals; Ventucky: Marsha de la O, Phil Taggart, Shelley Savren, Elijah Imlay, gauvin, Alis Soto, Suzanne Lawrence, Jeff Grimes, Kurt, Mama Val, Friday, Mary Kay Rummel, Roe Estep; Cambodia: David Oliveira; Sweden: Emil Brikha; New York: Rich Forster*; Pacific NorthWest– Oregon: Sharon Doubiago*, Antoinette Claypoole; Washington: Paul Nelson, Dawn-Marie Oliver; Vancouver, Canada: Danika Dinsmore*, Tod McCoy; Ciudad Juarez, Mexico: Dolores Dorantes; Minneapolis: Michael “Spam” Hall, Scott Vetch, Cynthia French; Fallon NV: nila Northsun*; LA County: Pat Payne*, Anne Silver, Larry Jaffe, Jen Hofer, Brigitte Secard, Frankie Drayus, Waymon Barnes, Charlotte O’Brien, Jelena Andjelkovic, Liz Gonzales, Jorge Monterossa, Dorothea Grossman, Brendan Constantine, Rick Lupert; Oxnard: Jackson Wheeler, Ryan Gillenwater, Tim Pompey, Paradox, F. Albert Salinas; San Luis Obispo County: 2004 Poet Laureate Michael McLaughlin, Dian Sousa*; Santa Barbara County: Edwin Shaw, Enid Osborn, David Starkey, Glenna Luschei, Chryss Yost, Kelly Peinado, Lisa Citore*, Paul Willis*; Rocky Mountains–Taos, NM: Amalio Madueno*; Denver: Eleni Sikelianos

Summer 2006, 2007 Facilitator, free afternoon literacy activities for 12-18 year old at-risk girls, Artbarn

Organizer, LIVE

Member, Talespinners Living History Performance Group (activities include Architecture Weekend); Midtown Community Council; AFT; Poets and Writers, Inc; Ventucky Poetry Festival 1998-2002; Ojai Poetry Festival 2007


Poetry and Prose Publications and Projects, recent and select

The Moon Magazine May 2007, Ft Wayne Indiana (2 poems)

between sleeps: the 3:15 experiment 1993-2005, co-editor with Danika Dinsmore, (en theos press: 2006); five poems

“8/10/05” Poem, Ventucky County Star, April 20, 2006

“8/3/01” Poem, VC Reporter, April 13, 2006

“A walk through the future: A poet imagines what Midtown could look like one day” VC Reporter essay March 17, 2005

Over three dozen poetry/artworks in over 30 ARTLIFE Limited Editions issues 1996-2004 including:

June 2004 “Man Ray Kitty,” Feb. 2004 three untitled poems, Nov. 2003 front and back covers, featured artist/poet, chapbook, 3 untitled poems, Oct. 2003 untitled from The 3:15 Experiment, Sept. 2003 untitled from The 315 Experiment, Aug. 2003 “Lucky Penny,” July 2003 “I was thinking about getting a dog” March 2003 “Taxes” Feb. 2003“bread” March 2002 “Two Tongues Untangled” Dec. 2001 “Waiting” also at Oct. 2001 “Sonnet for September 11” (placed first in issue), Dec. 2000 “I would rather be an oak than a eucalyptus…” Dec. 1999 “Moon Muses” also at

Beyond The Valley of the Contemporary Poets: 2003 anthology: “Man Ray Kitty,” “usually,” “I tried to wake him”

ARTLIFE POEMS: Cheaper by the Dozen, Back Alley Productions, 2003

“Love and Terror: Poems in August at 315am” 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007

“Celebrate” Ventucky Community Values Magazine Spring 2001 (also in ARTLIFE March 1999)

Invitational and Feature Poetry Readings and Events recent and select:

12/06 w/musician Jeff Kaiser, Bell Arts Factory, Ventucky (host Ryan Gillenwater)

9/06 Corners of the Mouth, Linnea’s, SLO (host Kevin Patrick Sullivan)

9/06 Experimental Poetry & Film Festival, Henry Miller Library, Big Sur, CA

6/06 Tao of Sex: Poetry, music, dance, curated by Lisa Citore, Zoey’s Cafe

4/06 3:15 Fiesta: coordinator, featured, workshop co-facilitator, panelist, publicist, host:
> 4/20 Un-Moored College
> 4/20 Barnes & Noble, Westlake
> 4/20 Zoey’s Café, Ventucky
> 4/22 Bell Arts Factory, Ventucky: poetry workshops and panel co-facilitator
> 4/23 Artists Union Gallery, Ventucky
> 4/24 Barnes & Noble, Westlake;
> 4/24 greeneverymonday, Culver City (host Rat Pack Slim)
> 4/25 the underground, Ventucky (host Dan Flores)
> 4/26 The Ugly Mug, Orange (host Steve Ramirez)

4/06 Slam 101, the underground, Ventucky (host Paradox the Poet)

4/06 The 100th Broadside celebration, Cobalt Café, Reseda CA (host Rick Lupert)

3/06 Wednesday Writing Workshop facilitator, the underground (host Mama Val)

12/05 Slam 101, the underground, Ventucky CA (host Paradox the Poet)

10/05 Artsweek, Ventucky City Hall, (host Alice Atkinson) sponsors: City of Ventucky, Poets & Writers Inc

10/05 Rhythm and Words, Seabreeze Gallery, Ventucky (host Richard Newsham) sponsors, City, Poets in the School

5/05 Tao of Sex, UC Santa Beer Belly Multicultural Center (curator Lisa Citore)

4/05 Foothill Tech “Poetry Alive” Ventucky CA: 2 readings (host Linda Kapala)

4/05 Un-Moored College, funded by Poets & Writers (host Tracy Tennenhouse)

12/00, 01, 02, 03, 04 ARTLIFE Anniversary Invitational Ventucky CA (host Phil Taggart)

11/04 Rhythm and Words Series, E.P. Foster Library, Ventucky CA (host Lucia Lemeiu

3/04 Valley Contemporary Poets anthology publication party, Portrait of a Bookstore, Studio City, CA (host Elizabeth Iannacci)

12/03 Valley Contemporary Poets, Cobalt Café, Reseda CA (host Frankie Drayus)

10/03 Poetry Zone, Karpeles Manuscript Museum, Santa Barbara, (Virginia Mariposa)

9/03 Tuesday Night Poets, Abednego’s Book Shoppe, Ventura CA (host Roe Estep)

8/03 Moonday, Santa Monica CA (hosts Anne Silver and Alice Pero)

6/03 Murphys CA (host nilaNorthSun)

3/03 ARTLIFE Poetry Series, Artists Union Gallery, Ventura CA (host Phil Taggart)

2/03 Arcade Series at the Carnegie, Oxnard (host J. Wheeler; Poets & Writers)

6/00, 01, 02, 03 Poets Living Room, Taos Poetry Circus, NM (host Amalio Madueno)

11/97 San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival (host Kevin Patrick Sullivan)

9/95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 05, 07 Black Rock Arts Festival, NV (various venues, hosts, radio stations

COLLEGE SERVICE recent and select

4/08 12 Earth Month events including Earth Day and a visit by California Poet Laureate Al Young

5/07 Advisor (with Dr. Porter and others), VC Planet Preservation Club

4/07 Member (nominated by Dr. Calote), American Democracy Project, CSU and community colleges VCCCD and SBCC faculty are working together to bring an environmental theme and service learning opportunities to our campuses.

4/07 Organizer, Global Warming 101: VC Earth Day, service learning project with English 1A and Bio 10 students

9/06 Organizer, International Peace Day, service learning project with English 1A students

3/06 Facilitator, “Journaling for Healing” V C Breast Cancer Support and Advocacy Group

2004-2007 Host and curator, V C Writing Life Speaker Series readings/lectures/discussions include
Poets Sharon Doubiago, liz gonzalez, Maria Melendez, Amalio Madueno, Jen Hofer, Pat Payne, Amy Uyematsu, Shelley Savren, Ryan Gillenwater; Editors Chris Erskine, Hillary Johnson; Author Matt Lawrence, Like a Splinter in Your mind: The Philosophy Behind the Matrix Trilogy; Living Historians Glenda Jackson “Civil War Mourning Practices,” Suzanne Lawrence as Helen Hunt Jackson etc.

9/03-07 Participant, V C One Book, One Campus

11/03, 12/02, 4/02 Presenter, Oxnerd College Scholar Series (host Shelley Savren)

1998-2003 Auctioneer’s Assistant, V C Art Auction

2000-2003 Member, Un-Moored College Committees
Academic Faire, Learning Community Institutes, Staff Development, Creative Writing Course Outline revision

4/01, 02, 03 Presenter, Un-Moored College Multicultural Day:
> Voices of the Taos Poetry Circus with Amalio Madueno of New Mexico, Pat Payne of LA, and gauvin of Ventucky;
> African American Voices with Sojourner Kincaid Rolle of Santa Barbara and gauvin of Ventura

1999-2001 Participant, Multicultural Collaborative Learning Communities, Ventucky College
Retreats, meetings, flex day presenter

PRESS radio and print, recent and select

April 28, 2008 Blogtalk Radio Interview by nila northSun and reading

April 2008 Ventucky County Star, National Poetry Month “Lifelines,” Karen Lindell

Dec 2006 Ventucky County Star, Karen Lindell

July 2006 “Invitation to Create,” VC Reporter, Saundra Sorenson

May 18, 2006 “Slam through the poetry at Spoken Word Salon event,” Ventucky County Star

April 21, 2006 radio interviews on KKZZ with Lisa Osborne

April 21, 2006 KVTA on Planet Spence

April 20, 2006 “In the Wee Small Hours” by Karen Lindell, Ventucky County Star Time-out

April 13, 2006 “Burning the Midnight Oil at 3:15am” by Stacey Wiebe, VC Reporter

March 25, 2006 “Beyond Words” interview/reading with host Roni* KCLU, Thousand Oaks CA

Jan. 10, 2004 “Beyond Words” interview/reading with host Roni* KCLU, Thousand Oaks, CA

Dec. 11, 2003 “Poet celebrates new life and ARTLIFE” by Michel Cicero, VC Reporter

July 31, 2003 “Rocket Garden with Chris Vestuto” interview/reading KCSB, Santa Barbara, CA


(gingatoa, you available? open channel, how about you? checkash? beatsoul? anybody else wanna volunteer?)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 27, 2008 11:16 pm

    “I have known Artpredator my entire life and can recommend her without reservation. She is an excellent drinking companion, never the first to passout, and cooks a mean pancake. Professionally she is fully qualified and her prediliction for working naked makes her a valauble asset to any organisation. She can write anything wonderfully and often does. In conclusion, you would have to be a bloody idiot, a damn fool, not to give her whatever she wants cos I know where you live, so give her the job, knucklehead,”
    How’s that?

  2. June 27, 2008 11:46 pm

    sounds PERFECT!!

    brilliantly accurate, you can see through time and walls obviously

    thank you! I will add this to my portfolio!

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