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Did you know? Do you tweet? What is it good for? Right Here, Right NOW!

March 6, 2009

Astonishing video on the progression of information technology using researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Bronman. As this video clearly shows, our world is changing more rapidly than we can reasonably imagine wthout some effort.Help envision the new world,be a part of the change, and help create the world we want to live in!

One of the most radical changes is in the way we communicate. We no longer gossip over fences, but over the internet via blogs, YouTube, Twitter and various other forms of social media. We no longer look toward an authority for the answer–we doubt the authorities, we have been mislead by authority and so we look within our communities, we search for the answers ourselves, and we evaluate the information in sophisticated ways.

After a year of trepidation, I, Gwendolyn Alley aka Art Predator, recently joined the world of Twitter and Facebook, adding that to my blogs, my nings, and my groups. I am starting to understand these tools for communication, how they are similiar and different, how they serve different purposes and meet different needs. For those of you unsure about what Twitter is and what it does, I found this article useful:

Some people still look at twitter on the surface and conclude that it’s one big waste of time. I can’t say I disagree completely, however, like all social media and marketing tactics, before you can determine if something makes sense you need to analyze your objectives. So, instead of asking why you would use it, ask how it might help you achieve some other already stated objectives.

1) Would you like a way to connect and network with others in your industry or others who share you views? It’s a good a tool for that.

2) Would you like a way to get instant access to what’s being said, this minute, about your organization, people, products, competitors or brand? It’s a good tool for that.

3) Would you like a steady stream of ideas, content, links, resources, and tips focused on your area of expertise or interest? It’s a good tool for that.

4) Would you like to monitor what’s being said about your customers to help them protect their brands? It’s a good tool for that.

5) Would you like to extend the reach of your thought leadership – blog posts and other content? It can be a good tool for that.

6) Would like a way to quickly find vendors, partners, tech help, even employees for your organization? I can be a good tool for that.

7) Would you like to promote your products and services directly to a target audience? Not such a good tool for that, but it can light a path back to your web site!

Now, if that weren’t enough, the open nature of the twitter platform is spawning uses far beyond what was ever imagined or what many people can grasp – and this use of the technology will only get bigger. Here are few things you may have never considered

8) Publish your Flickr photos on twitter – Visit twittergram and set-up an account and then just upload to Flickr but tag your photo twitter and it goes into your twitter stream.

9) If you use online todo list Remember the Milk – you can set it up to flow into twitter – this might be a way to assign todos to remote teams

10) Using strawpoll you can create mini polls into your twitter stream – great for flash feedback

11) Use twitter to keep up on traffic jams with commuterfeed

12) Have twitter alert you when you have a meeting with timer

13) Get and fill current job openings with tweetajob

14) Track FedEx, UPS and DHL shipments with TrackThis

15) Get help quitting smoking

16) Keep a diet journal

17) Get a tweet when your plants need water – – okay this one would be way cooler if it simply tweeted you when the plant watered itself.

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How do you think we can use technology and social media to grow the world differently? More sustainably? More equitably?

Oh and follow me on Twitter! and subscribe to Art Predator!

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  1. March 6, 2009 9:26 pm

    Or you can use Twitter to improvise gags like comedians rehearsing, another layer of performance between the formality of blogs and the closed intimacy of email. That’s my objective with it. I subscribe and I follow Art Predator’s Twitter and I encourage anyone with an interest in web 2.78 to do so too. AP Rocks!

  2. March 7, 2009 1:23 am

    i’m on it, too, writing my little “cell phone novel” in 140-character chunklets. i’ll meet you out there somewhere, AP…

  3. March 7, 2009 2:05 pm

    as one who stood at the brink of Facebook and Twitter – like you for a year or so – i eventually took the plunge, realising it could bcome far more than just mindless online chat and escapism (not that there’s anything wrong with that sometimes). I only re-joined Twitter yesterday, as a matter of fact.

    I think the great thing about social media is that it can enable us to expand our identity from a separate individual “me”, to the fluid interplay of relationships between us all. It is a great thing to be in touch with people all over the world,and realise that we are all one( as the mystics have always said) Deep down, we all tick the same way, and hold the same things dear to our hearts: home, family, nature, the special character of our local suroundings…
    I think it all works on relating and connecting, and
    that strikes me as a very ecological process, and one that will succeed.

    I will follow you on Twitter, AP. Though i’m not a stalker, honest!

  4. March 8, 2009 5:33 am

    Some of twitter is quite entertaining too. I am enjoying Stephen Fry’s holiday in Mexico vicariously a lot.

  5. March 8, 2009 6:03 am

    Thank you all for following me! Remind me if I’m not following you too…

    Good points Linda–and I have to say I love love love your art and hope peeps will go check it out–and I look forward to hearing your tweets!

  6. March 10, 2009 7:46 pm

    I’ve been on facebook for some time, but only signed up with Twitter for the GBR thing.

    I tried to follow your link “I found this article helpful”, but it took me to “Duct Tape Marketing” page and no article. Did I miss something?

  7. March 10, 2009 10:46 pm

    The article was on that site and the link originally worked so I wonder if he changed it? There’s a search button on the site and if you put in twitter you get lots of great material.

    I actually quoted the bulk of the article I reference.


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