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Conceptual Poetry Conference: a poem w/constraint pt 2 (Day 3)

June 4, 2008

go here: Part 1 (Days 1&2)

Here therefore is The Constraint (known in publication practice as “the note”): type up word for word appropriated text as recorded in daybook at the Conceptual Poetry & Its Others gathering in Tucson May 28-31, 2008.

Tracie Morris

Run Jeremiah

<o+ & tech? men goof off>

<everybody thinking the way they
do poetry, the poetry they like
is the best, the only>

Becket Cascando–radio play

is this one worth doing? — Tenny

be done better? or otherwise?

what’s the question?

was this the right one?

“canned chance” Duchamp

canned subjectivity?
never objective

but Kenny is canned chance
choose the day & chose
when where to being end

USC unboring boring brunet

unsubjective subjectivity


“the old expression are always
with us as are others”

Others Magazine

Wallace Stevens “13 Blackbirds”

poetry pregnant with thought
Chs B

<the other is subversive>

Ch A
physical pleasure

what’s the gap btwn expression &

Bryan Reed? sources get confused
over time (Russian)

a problem to be solved

a project to be explored

project based work

what are the bonds of a poem?

distributive agency

Vanessa we all want to kill someone sometime in our lives

post conceptual writing



Chas Kate Hayles



Chance & will fuel adaptation

Christian Bok

(1) an innovative literature

<achsisms (axioms)>

<not a readership but
a thinkship
novelty to its concept

<achsiomatic dicta>

aliatonic forms of expression

(2) what is expressive

: WmTell: a novel
l McCaffery

willing & the telling

what they will & what they tell

(3) what is conceivable
in coption literature?

I cognitive II Mamastic
intentional more intentional
expressive less expressive
self conscious witness skirt
& self assertive formalized experiment

IV Automatic III Aleatoric
less intentionality less intention
more expressive less expressive
unwilled self exhibit stochastic experiment
diatribes of ainsbry

I prelude Wordsworth
bearing witness to its own
thoughtful expression


4 concepts possible


I Mimicry II vertigo Argon
adapt game of combat
persona & thought

IV ver chance Alea
vertigo opinion of wng
orft losing
throw of the dice

C. Bok

explain to my
students why I do
what I do


C Bernstein

Yellow Pages the critic
> a capella
The Attack of the Difficult Poems
Painting by Susan B
Droome to Wh

I sleep on the side of road for poetry

The lingerie drawer
of the computer desktop


in the way was a ston

I’ll move around like a


legends bachelor machines
recantorium my most
elaborate bachelor machine
can’t engage that
that’s outside
the nseby

<when rejected, we
reject those who reject us>

Chas Bernstein Asylum
40 copies typed copied
<Jonathan Stalling Chinese translations

<There is no language
if there is no emotion
says brain research> Graca Capinha

Stephen Fredman quotes DJ Spooky
samples Emerson
online distributed living

Chas A student of Al Young

<Certes subversive helping a plan>

collaborative conception
+ live delivery
= birth of unthought
extant notions of textuality


Myin Choic

the idea we’re going
to come to heads
rigorous thinking
worrying there’s

a particular choice that
e Kenny & Craig made


It really bothers me



(This conference has served )
to dissemble a
manocitric notion
of what conceptual poetry is


Craig UBU web anthology
is an illustration
a provocative sketch

it could be all women
what’s the relation of gender

what are the various social political
around conceptual writing?

(but aesthetic excludes
O+ & they are ”
what is a isn’t to
numerous readers)

do a close reading of the symposium materials


Flarf: using google to write
holds onto traditional
notions of

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  1. June 5, 2008 10:46 am

    This is probably not the place to discuss the why of conceptual poetry or its limitations. The question to me is though when acting within this constraint of the overriding idea, doesnt the poem become just about the idea? Kind of like a frame without a picture? That’s just my impression and I don’t know anything at all about anything, I have no concepts, so don’t worry about it. It’s cool the way the blog scrolls back in time to the invitation and tells a story with changes of focus, so in a way the blog is the work of conceptual art framing the poems which frame, aragag I’m hungry, hope you are having a fantabulous day full of tiny miracles of inexplicable joy,

  2. June 5, 2008 3:50 pm

    thanks, Paul, for noticing how I constructed the series of posts on conceptual poetry! you also noticed that with the kyanite/night terrors posts.

    as a blogger, I am conscious of how the site works that way, posts like windows that lead you outside or into other rooms, or to examine objects withing the room.

    in fact, i am working on figuring out how I want to do a novel i wrote 20 years ago about backpacking from mexico to canada on the pacific crest trail–posting chapters bloglike even though blogs didn’t exist back then…

    and back to your comment, yes, the “poem” then becomes all about the “idea” but that idea has to be delivered as a concrete object in order to be evaluated. it is the frame and the picture.

    i think it ‘d be great to discuss this more here or elsewhere…i’m trying to get my head around it!

    “tiny miracles of inexplicable joy” –love that…almost like they are around all the time and we notice them or not before they pop. i’m all for noticing!

    ml, art predator

  3. June 5, 2008 8:39 pm

    Have indeed bloggeby blogrolled your site. You are a rarity. Ever since I started playing with this machine I have been telling people, “I am not blogging, I am creating a single unified nonlinear multidimensional text (ie my site)” but most people just think I’m a wanker, hahaha. I may well be. But it’s nice to meet someone who understands and is attempting a similar thingy. I am off to work, have a strange day full of dark shadows flickering at the corners of your vision which turn out to be only waiters serving coffee,

  4. June 5, 2008 8:46 pm

    good for you for even trying to tell people! i just let them dismiss it. this site is really for me to figure out how to do what i want to really do and to experiment and explore the form and what it offers. i really think this is a form of the future and not to dismiss your dad (i had to dismiss mine) and their desires for us to be financially overly sufficient but there is something important that is evolving here and it is beyond monetary gratification.

    and while i would happily accept dark shadows offering coffee, i make an excellent cup and so would prefer dry martinis!


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