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Inspirational: Next Lunar Eclipse 2/20/08

February 13, 2008
Last night, I realized I need to do something about the Church of the Asshole Neighbors. I need some kick-ass spirituality of my own! I need to do some powerful firedancing, firebreathing, earth connecting MOJO making!
Criminal, civil, judicial, code enforcement, I’ve tried them all–these are some BAAAD dudes, I tell ya. Not sure what deal they struck with the devil but it is time they met their maker, it is time–my time. I am ready to dig deep into the earth and reach deep into the stars and gather all that strength and CHANGE the energy around here.
So I decided to gather some powerful women friends to help me next week, and thinking that since last Weds was the new moon, next Weds ought to be a full moon which would be cool but when I went to my TideLog to see what was going on lo and behold, next Wednesday is a not only a FULL MOON but a full LUNAR ECLIPSE.
And it is the FIRST and ONLY eclipse of the year–the next full lunar eclipse won’t happen again until Dec 21, 2010 (Charles birthday! see post below for a dream with Charles in it). And unlike most lunar eclipses which take place during some random, obscure inconvenient middle of the night, this lunar eclipse takes place at sunset and during moonrise on the Pacific Coast!
Dang. Can’t get more powerful than that for cosmic energy to help a gal out. And, according to

As a bonus, during the eclipse the moon will be situated, in our sky, near the planet Saturn and the bright bluish star Regulus in the constellation of Leo. The effect will be to create a uniquely beautiful triangle in the sky consisting of the totally eclipsed moon, a bright naked-eye planet and one of the 21 brightest stars in the sky. will provide a complete eclipse viewer’s guide Feb. 15.

But wait, there’s more from Zodiac Arts

The Lunar Eclipse on February 20/21, 2008

The Astronomy

An eclipse of the Moon can only take place at a Full Moon, and only if the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s shadow. The closer the Moon is to the center of the shadow, the more total the eclipse. A lunar eclipse is visible wherever the Moon is above the horizon.

If the Earth had no atmosphere, then the Moon would be completely black during a total eclipse. Instead, the Moon can take on a range of colors from dark brown and red to bright orange and yellow. The exact appearance depends on how much dust and clouds are present in Earth’s atmosphere.

Lunar Eclipse visibility map

Eclipse maps and diagrams courtesy of Fred Espenak – NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

The lunar eclipse on February 20/21 is a total eclipse, visible throughout most of the Americas, western Africa and western Europe.

The Moon's path through Earth's shadow The Moon’s path through Earth’s shadow

The Astrology A lunar eclipse is a time of beginnings, endings, exposure and major changes. It always has something to do with “relationships”. The changes are tied to how we relate and will have a lasting impression. Emotions run high, causing upsets and feelings of disorientation. Actions taken often do not have the expected results, but they do bring awareness and enlightenment. The energy of an eclipse is at its strongest during the two days before and three days after its occurrence. At lunar eclipses we: merge, unite, announce, contact, present ourselves, bring something out into the open, make decisions, engage, rise to the challenge, make an effort, change, get a new perspective, join with others, take on greater challenges, travel at a faster pace, feel restless, feel pressured by deadlines and a buildup of emotions, and experience excitement and crisis. During a Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in opposition, also called the Full Phase, indicating the linking of soul to spirit and awareness of purpose gained through relationship with another. A lunar eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon. The blocking of the Moon’s reflection of the Sun’s light by the Earth suggests that our material viewpoint stands in the way of our “seeing the light”. It serves as a reminder that we need to realize how we are held in the dark by virtue of our perspective.

The Sun is in Pisces and the Moon is in Virgo during the total lunar eclipse on February 20. Practicality and logical processes are temporarily out of balance. Harsh realities obscure spiritual ideals and block imaginative solutions. The challenge is to stay open to inspiration regardless of our daily circumstances.

Hmmn hmmn hmmmnnn

so my cyberfriends, new members of the antiChurch of the Asshole Neighbors, help me out next Weds. Feb 20 during the LUNAR ECLIPSE. Send your energy your prayers your mojo your you name it this way along those moonbeams and sunbeams.

Let’s DEFEAT THE BEAST!!! BTW, you’re welcome to join in in person–wine, some women, song, fire, food, and a hot tub. bring your drum! Be ready to do some primal screaming and let it ALLLLL out! For a preview of the upcoming event, hit play on the first lunar eclipse, then hit play on the second lunar eclipse for a cool effect.

For more eclipse info, both solar eclipse and lunar eclipse including dates for future eclipses, try Mr. Eclipse.

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  1. February 18, 2008 6:15 am

    I can’t wait to see the lunar eclipse so i could share this with my kids.

  2. mark freeland permalink
    February 20, 2008 1:07 am

    Nice post, lots of good info, if you left out the unnecessary profanity and the bizarre fruitcake induced ramblings I could use this in my fifth grade classroom. Why does everyone need to use foul language? So many great sources are not acceptable for school use because of it.

  3. February 20, 2008 4:48 pm

    thank you for visiting my blog. i am glad you found this post informative. mark, my audience is not 5th graders. there’s plenty of other info out there for them. in my ramblings in cyberspace, i find profanity rare, and certainly it is not commonly found on my blog. the profanity i have used i found necessary, and funny; the church of the asshole neighbors is a proper name, coined by burners from porn arena (point arena) who i camped next to at burning man in 1997. what you call fruitcake ramblings make my blog distinctive from say nasa’s.

  4. DEGE permalink
    February 21, 2008 12:07 am

    what time is it supposed to happen tonight?

  5. Angelica permalink
    February 21, 2008 12:31 am

    What time tonight (2/20/08) is the lunar eclipse supposed to start?

  6. February 22, 2008 5:25 pm

    I was out watching the eclipse when you posted your questions! I am sure by now you’ve figured out that the specific time depends on where you are on earth. Also, it depends on what you’re looking for–the “whole eciipse” lasts several hours–over an hour to get eclipsed, just under an hour to be fully eclipsed, then another hour or so to come out of the eciipse.

  7. February 26, 2008 10:19 am

    good ang ganda ng inyong website

  8. February 26, 2008 10:20 am

    thanks for the information


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